"Denise is head and shoulders above most any recruiter I’ve ever worked with, as both a candidate and an agency leader looking for talent. She takes the time to not only vet the candidates but deeply understand the culture and expectations of the agency. She is focused on true fit, not quick fixes. She ensures success for all parties involved. 


She creates an environment of regular and transparent communication that leads to greater success. She also guarantees that her candidates arrive well-prepared by taking the time to equip them with resource materials in advance of the interview. I have never heard of anyone going through such great lengths for their talent. 


Not only is she extraordinary at her work, she is a kind, thoughtful and caring person that makes her a joy to know, not just work with. I count myself lucky that I have had Denise in my corner for the past few years and recommend her highly to anyone looking for the right opportunity to grow their career or grow their department."